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About us

Scan Rock Traders (SRT) is an Australia-based organization. It partners with global reputable manufacturing units and aims to bring the advantage of high-quality, optimally priced manufacturing, as per customer's specifications and requirements to Australia/ NZ markets. SRT also focuses on exports from the ANZ region and specializes in sourcing raw materials for overseas-based manufacturing units. 


SRT focuses on sourcing from a global perspective. It listens to your needs and designs a sourcing program to fulfil your bespoke requirements. It works hard to match your product specifications and delivery requirements with a reliable manufacturer best suited to your project. SRT is backed by engineering, manufacturing, quality, and project management expertise. 

SRT partners directly with reliable manufacturers/producers and eliminates the layers of mark-ups and cost add-ons typically observed in a complete supply chain. 

SRT-backed products are suitable for the following industries
  • Mining 

  • Material Handling 

  • Mineral Processing 

  • Cement Processing 

  • Steel Processing 

  • Marine

  • Sugar Processing 

  • Ship loading and Port Service 

  • Rail

  • Food Processing 

  • Construction

  • General Engineering 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers lower their purchase expenses by offering them high-quality, optimally priced products that provide good value for money. We support our product offerings with a robust, reliable project management service with a single-minded focus on getting the purchases to our clients on time.

Steel wire for concrete post tension system, engineering of skytrain pillar structure stre


U 10/ 35 Durham Street,
St. Lucia-4067, Queensland, Australia.


07 3705 9644



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