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SRT can supply forgings of different shapes and sizes.


Long products like Shafts, Eccentric Shafts, Stepped Shafts, Hollow Shafts, Blocks, Keys, Pins, Spindle, etc., can be supplied.


Circular products like Discs, Rings, Wheels, Trunnions, Gear Blanks, Pinions, etc., can be supplied.


We supply forgings of very high-quality steel. Superior manufacturing techniques and processes produce clean steel used for forgings. The forgings can be manufactured as per Australian, AISI/SAE(US), BS (UK), EN (Europe), DIN (Germany), BIS (India), and or other standards to suit your requirement.


We can supply steel above 800 grades and variants. Below is an indicative list. Grades or variants similar to those below can be made available on demand at short notice.

Our Products


U 10/ 35 Durham Street,
St. Lucia-4067, Queensland, Australia.


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