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Why us ?

Dealings with only reputable manufacturers
  • SRT partners only with reputable manufacturers with a history of supplying high-quality engineering components to various businesses worldwide.

  • Whether a precision manufactured part or a semi-finished good, the manufacturing partners of SRT have a reputation for consistently delivering superior quality products on time, complying with our client's technical specifications and stringent quality requirements.


Your RFQ Evaluation
  • SRT has the needs of its customers at its heart. It technically evaluates your RFQs, selects the right manufacturer, and conveys your technical specifications to the manufacturing units; It ensures the specifications are well understood and in compliance with your requirements and relevant Australian and International standards.

  • Suppose any data is missing or clarifications are required. In that case, SRT will ask the right questions early into the process so no ambiguity and assumptions are made while quoting or manufacturing, which could lead to loss of critical time and non-compliance.


Project management of Purchase order & Production schedule monitoring
  • SRT project manages your Purchase Orders. It works closely with the top management of these manufacturing units and ensures your products are given priority. As a project manager and representative of your requirements, we also work on your behalf. We get involved in the production schedule for your component so that an on-time delivery can be made.  If problems emerge during the production process, SRT works diligently to address the issue promptly and presents a solution.


Quality Inspection
  • SRT periodically monitors the manufacturing progress and quality documents. It asks the right questions and ensures the final manufactured product quality meets our client's requirements. If problems crop up during the production process, SRT works towards quickly resolving them and promptly presenting a solution, preventing an interruption in supply.    

  • SRT reviews and checks quality paperwork before dispatch from overseas-based workshops so that problems can be detected early on in the supply chain and critical time and money are not lost in the bargain

  • If required, SRT can also facilitate a third-party inspection for your consignment. 

International Trade
  • SRT is well versed in the complex paperwork required in international trade. SRT helps facilitate the logistics and gives clients regular updates about the whereabouts of their cargo.


An organization culture focused on continuous improvement
  • SRT as an organization is geared towards continuous improvement. It believes in consistently enhancing its technical and commercial knowledge base and taking time out of its daily administrative duties to focus on best practices so that our client's concerns can be captured and addressed well before they evolve into problems.


U 10/ 35 Durham Street,
St. Lucia-4067, Queensland, Australia.


07 3705 9644



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