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Rotary Drilling
Tricone Bit

Rotary Drilling

Scan Rock Traders offers Tricone Bit as a rotary drilling bit.

Tricone Bit

A tricone bit is a type of rotary drill bit.  It basically consists of 3 roller cones connected to 3 legs. The roller cones have cutting structures either of tungsten carbide inserts or milled steel teeth on their external surface.

The legs of the bit are made of forged alloy steel, these legs are machined for grooves for roller, ball and journal bearings. They are then heat treated to achieve suitable hardness.

The roller cones too are made from their respective forgings that are machined and heat treated. After this, if applicable, carbide inserts are fixed in the holes drilled on the surface of the roller cones. Once the bearings are fixed and roller cones assembled onto the legs; the three legs are held firmly on their sides and welded together to form a tricone bit. Post-welding, stress-relieving operations are conducted following which the top portion of the bit is machined to form a threaded API-type pin connection.

Scan Rock Traders offers heavy-duty tri-cone bits to meet your customized drilling needs. We have classified the bits based on their diameter (footprint), the bearing type and the international association of drilling contractor number (IADC number). The IADC number further classifies the tricone bits based on the tooth material of construction, suitability for drilling into soft, medium, or hard formations and bearing type used. SRT can offer tricone bits for different combinations of IADC numbers. Please click on the link below to view the IADC selection chart.

The Tricone bits are primarily used for drilling into varied formations ranging from soft, medium to hard. They are especially well suited for hard rock formation. These bits are very reliable in changing rock conditions. Tricone bits are ideally used for water bore drilling, geothermal drilling, and oil and gas exploration. They get connected to the lower end of the drill string. As the drill string is rotated, the bit cones roll along the bottom of the borehole in a circular motion. As they roll, new teeth meet the bottom of the hole. This helps to chip away the rock formation below and around the bit tooth through spalling action. Typically, air or drilling fluid is used to lift the crushed rock chips from the bottom of the hole up the annulus. The application of a right-bit load is an important factor in the optimum performance of the drilling operation using a tricone bit.

Please click on the link below to view the list of the Tricon bits which can be made available to suit your requirement.

Tricone Bit

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